Pad Grip Pro iTab POS

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  • Pad Grip Pro iTab POS
  • Pad Grip Pro iTab POS
  • Pad Grip Pro iTab POS
  • Pad Grip Pro iTab POS
  • Pad Grip Pro iTab POS
  • Pad Grip Pro iTab POS
  • Pad Grip Pro iTab POS
  • Pad Grip Pro iTab POS


The Pad Grip Pro iTab point-of-sale is specifically designed for the Magtek iDynamo and iPad.  iTab is all about ingenuity from the inside out, with functionality and design surrounding every square inch of the product. The first true commercial grade hardware solution for iPad/Tablet point-of-sale. Feel confident when deploying the iPad as your commerce device. 

Lightweight but incredibly strong polycarbonate construction, as well as ultra-slim profile, allows mounting securely for a robust point-of-sale center. Utilize as a mobile POS and protect your entire solution (iPad and Swipe) with the lightweight enclosure weighing a little more than half-a-pound. For the first time ever, the Magtek® iDynamo is secured completely inside enclosure ridding exposure and abuse from outside forces. Swiping is easy and defined for user convenience. Bad swipes and connectivity errors are now a thing of the past. 


***NOTE: This package does not include MagTek iDynamo, for pricing and purchasing card readers contact MagTek. ***



Enclosure Features & Specifications

  • 75mm x 75mm VESA mount for universal mounting 
  • Engineered for use with the Magtek® iDynamo swipe (not included)
  • Card swipe secured 100% inside enclosure, great for high-volume commercial use 
  • Incorporated rubber buffer pads allow use and adapt to different iPad models 
  • Strong and secure hinged latch system making opening and closing enclosure easy 
  • Heavy-duty Kensignton® lock for high security is optional (recommended for self-service or unattended solutions) 
  • Access/Openings: Power, volume, lock orientation, front/rear camera, home button insert to block or allow access 
  • Lock enclosure from multiple areas, up to 4 points with security screws 

Enclosure Construction &  Materials

  • High-grade polycarbonate and ABS plastic formula 
  • Injection molded under 200 tons of pressure 
  • Internal ribbing (skeleton) is extremely strong 
  • Swipe area designed for high-volume/commercial use 
  • Rear vent openings allow for cooling and access points 
  • Enclosure Length (with swipe area): 12.000” 
  • Enclosure Length (without swipe area): 10.750” 
  • Enclosure Width: 8.500” 
  • Enclosure Depth: 0.750” 
  • Enclosure Depth (with VESA Mount Stubs): 0.875” 
  • Enclosure Weight (Including hardware): 0.63 Pounds 


Included in the package:

(1) iTab POS Enclosure compatible with iPad 2,3,4 and iPad Air. (Note not compatible with iPad 1 only later generations)

(1) Pad Grip® Pro VESA