The iPad range has seen many versions. From screen sizes to different generations with new features, it’s not always easy to find your way around.

Your choice will depend as always on the use you intend to make of it, and your budget, if you have a tight budget it is advisable to find a second-hand ipad on sales sites. Before going any further, you should know that all these devices take advantage of the Touch ID fingerprint reader, and will receive the latest versions, with all the new features that go well. Size mattersEspecially for a tablet! From 7.9 to 12.9 inches, depending on the iPad model, you’re spoilt for choice. The size of the screen goes hand in hand with the weight of the tablet, of course. If you’re looking for multimedia use geared towards video consumption, the iPad and iPad Pro are the best choice. The iPad Mini is much more compact and portable than its big brothers, but will not offer the same visual comfort.Note that the latest generations of the iPad Pro benefit from the “True Tone” display, but above all from the ProMotion technology that increases the screen refresh rate to 120Hz. In concrete terms, the number of frames per second displayed doubles compared to other iPads, making animations and page scrolling much smoother. The Apple Pencil also benefits greatly from this, as we’ll see in the following.Apple Pencil and 120Hz screenBy reducing latency to 20 ms from 40 ms, the 120Hz screens of the iPad Pro 10.5 and 12.9 (2017) not only increase the overall smoothness, but also increase latency when writing with the stylus. The difference is noticeable compared to previous generations. Note that while three iPads are compatible with the stylus (iPad Pro 10.5, iPad 12.9 2017 and iPad 2018), only the Pro versions are equipped with the 120Hz display. Make no mistake.What’s under the hood?A8, A9X, A10, A10X. With each generation, Apple’s chipset gains more power while consuming less energy. They are all capable of running the latest version of iOS perfectly smoothly and offer great comfort for multimedia use (web browsing, photos, music, video).The latest-generation iPad Pro are equipped with Apple’s A10X Fusion chip. A power monster capable of running everything at lightning speed without any slowdown, even the heaviest tasks such as 3D gaming or video editing. The name Pro leaves nothing to chance: if you’re very demanding and use iOS applications that require a lot of resources (video editing for example), you know which model to turn to.Audio, photo and videoIf you don’t use a tablet’s photo sensor very much (no, you don’t take your vacation photos with it), Apple usually integrates sensors from previous generations of iPhone, which is a guarantee of quality. For professional use, choosing an iPad with a good camera can be particularly useful for scanning documents and then signing them, sending them by email or storing them in the cloud. Once again, iPad Pro is a good choice if you value photo and video quality on the tablet.Battery lifeBetween 9am and 12pm, that’s usually the battery life of an iPad. Of course, it depends on how you use it. Apple tablets don’t break endurance records, but they do have the advantage of consuming very little power in old mode, which means you can leave it on for a day or two without necessarily finding it flat.Beware of storageAs always at Apple, physical memory is not expandable (with a microSD card for example). Cloud storage is of course a viable option, but not everyone wants to do it. It is therefore important to choose your storage capacity carefully. If Apple no longer sells any products below 32 GB, there are still 16 GB versions in the refurbished version, which we do not recommend. They will certainly be cheaper, but you will soon find yourself limited.

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