Parentology: on your child, you will not cry

Even if it is always too easy to succumb to dichotomies, it is difficult to resist them, so let us advance the hypothesis - with caution, eh - that the parents' world is divided into two categories with extremely contrasting sound balances: d 'on one side, those who cry out for a yes, for a no (team 95 decibels); on the other, those who speak softly to their children in all circumstances (team 25 decibels).

For example, you just need to stand in front of a school entrance to observe the customs of these two tribes.Arrived generally in advance, the parent of the 25 decibel team whispers to his child a "good day my darling" so soft that it settles as lightly as a bird's feather in the hollow of its ear canal.

This calm tone works as a mood regulator.If there is ever a problem - let's say the child has forgotten his blanket at home - the management of the incident will not cause any noise escalation.It's okay, daddy will go get it and bring it back to you right away.In the meantime, I'll lend you my Minion keychain, which you can use as a back-up blanket.The weather here is one of an invariably stable emotional climate, an oasis of temperance.

When, suddenly, hurricane Irma rolls in."No, but BORDEL, you didn't put the textbook back in your bag!" Nân but I DREAM !!!! How many times will I have to tell you to prepare your things the day before? You will be deprived of Minions cartoons for a week, that will teach you to organize yourself a little better, IS IT INCLUDED or do I have to give you a POWERPOINT? !!! », Yells the loudly father, shaking his horrified offspring at arm's length.

Posted Date: 2020-09-23

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